The biggest Filipino Fiesta in Alberta

This is the official website of the first ever cultural festival representing the Filipino community of Calgary and the entire province of Alberta.The PFCA community of this province will finally be able to come together and celebrate our heritage as a united group. In addition, this will also give our the community to share our beautiful and colourful heritage to every Albertan and Canadian.

The word “fiesta” will bring a smile to the face of almost any Filipino. After all, a fiesta is a special time with friends, a time for fellowship, food, and lots of activities. Each year brings numerous fiestas. Sometimes people are busy for weeks preparing for them. It is surprising, how even those facing many problems in their day-to-day life set them aside and participate in the festivities.

True to its primary objective in promoting the Filipino arts, culture and traditions, the Fiesta Filipino YYC, during its two-day celebration, features exhibits, paintings, songs, sports and dances that showcased the richness of our cultural heritage.

Thanks to the committed members of the Fiesta Filipino YYC especially to the Council leaders, community organizations, volunteers and individuals to the success of this festive occasion and in keeping the spirit of the Philippine Fiesta forever here in Calgary. Indeed, the Fiesta Filipino YYC   has been the truly icon of the Filipino community in Calgary.

The Making of FIesta Filipino

Fiesta Filipino 2019

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